A Heart of Flame

"If you’re half as good at evading obstacles as you are my advances, then my ship is in good hands."

So Quinn just joined Caide’s crew and she’s flirting with him relentlessly. He’s not having any of it. Stick in the mud. Maybe he just doesn’t like mandibles? 

Caide is undeterred, though. She’s Sith; she doesn’t take no for an answer. She’ll wear him down eventually. It might be slightly terrifying to watch. 


Logged into Shien server to play some SWTOR, and…Caide won’t move.

Tried logging out and logging back in. That didn’t work. Tried quitting the game and restarting the computer. That didn’t work either. So now I’m playing with Kilar instead, and it’s working fine. 

Don’t suppose this has happened to anyone else? :\

Story of my SWTOR life

  1. Me: *tries to fight a boss enemy that I have to defeat in order to progress in my class storyline*
  2. Me: *gets turned into mushy paste*
  3. Me: No big deal, I'll obviously just have to level up before I can take this guy out.
  4. Me: *runs around for five hours doing random quests and killing random dudes*
  5. Me: *finally levels up*
  6. Me: Awesome! I have you now, Boss Enemy.
  7. Me: *goes to fight boss enemy again*
  8. Me: *gets turned into mushy paste*
  9. Me: *sigh*
Emotional whiplash: a BioWare specialty

When it comes to BioWare games, I am completely hopeless in the face of romance spoilers. I have all the willpower of a wet paper towel. 

My Sith Warrior in TOR just met her love interest, one Malavai Quinn. Unsurprisingly, I was instantly smitten. And seeing as though it’ll take hours upon hours of gameplay for me to actually make my way through the romance (hours and hours that aren’t going to happen for a while, given the release of a certain other BioWare game tomorrow), I went and looked up spoilers, watched YouTube videos, the whole shebang. 

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Is it possible to “whisper” someone who’s not online/not on the planet you’re currently on? 

I just ran past two people in the Strong Female Pose guild, and had a sadface moment because I’m still not sure how to join. Woe. 

Photomanip Vintage-Style Republic Recruiting poster by Sherbertine @ DevArt

This makes me feel guilty for playing Imperial. 

Photomanip Vintage-Style Republic Recruiting poster by Sherbertine @ DevArt

This makes me feel guilty for playing Imperial. 

Realized I hadn’t posted any pictures of Caide, despite having babbled about her incessantly, so here she is. My mandibled Marauder. 

In which, to my shock, I am actually excited to go to Balmorra.


Because Caide gets to meet her love interest! EEEEEeeee, this will be the first (male) LI I’ve come across in this game.

Why yes, I totally play BioWare games for the plot. Mmhmm.

My ignorance about MMOs is currently at astounding levels.

I know nothing. Jon Snow looks omniscient compared to me right now.

In TOR, how does one give other players, uh…power boosts? I don’t even know what to call them. Sometimes I’ll just be running along, and then another player runs past me and all of a sudden I have an hour’s worth of some special power boost (like an extra 5% endurance, etc). How do you do that? 

I also haven’t yet been able to figure out how to join a guild. The Social Window in the game says to visit my Regional Guild Administration Officer at Dromund Kaas, but I’m on Dromund Kaas now and I have no idea where the Guild Administration Officer is. 

i’m stupid la la la