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i’m like 99% sure i’ve drawn this before but i am in A Mood and i just had to scribble out some shipping bullshit 9_6

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coppermarigolds has been writing some really great stuff lately and I couldn’t resist drawing a quick little something to go along with her latest!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH serenity-fails made art for my ficlet *dies*



Thank you so much! This makes me so happyyyy <3333

I realized I’ve been writing nothing but mindless fluff lately, so here’s some angst instead. It doesn’t really fit any of the prompts I’ve been using, but it continues directly from the last one. 

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Silly OTP headcanon

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I have, at long last, begun working on the post-blue-ending ME 3 fic that’s been rolling in my head for the last year and a half…but at the moment I’m taking a detour back to the Nathaniel/Velanna prompt fics, because I had a godawful work day and need some OTP fluff to cheer up. The prompt for this one is Love Me: write a fluffy ficlet about two (or more) characters.

Pretty much what it says on the tin.

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(part two to come… eventually)



it’s porn if you squint :B

Ooooh I think I see that hand there, Ser Howe…


HEY so how about some Nathaniel/Velanna orgasm denial, sound good?? OKAY GOOD

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The Lightning In Me :: A Nathaniel/Velanna Fanmix
graphics by redredribbon

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There There // Radiohead

in pitch dark I go walking in your landscape
broken branches trip me as I speak
just cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there
we are accidents waiting
waiting to happen

Young Liars // TV on the Radio

well it's cold and it's quiet and cobblestone cold in here
fucking for fear of not wanting to fear again
lonely is all we are, lovely so far
but my heart's still a marble in an empty jelly jar

I’m Pathetic Enough // New Tokyo Terror

I'm pathetic enough,
but you sleep in my bed, nonetheless.
I'm still dreaming on.
I'm the joke of the world,
but I don't mind.

Keeper of My Heart // Indigo Girls

some things I hold too tightly
some things I'll never, I'll never touch
oh, but I'm wearing down the stones in the river
and you see, all my life I've painted with anger's brush

Red // Elbow

I'll put you bed, you can let it all go
you've been playing too rough lately
you burn too bright
you live too fast
this can't go on too long
you're a tragedy starting to happen

Head is Not My Home // MS MR

made a vow to cut it out 
take things slow as we made rules 
to ease our predictable goodbyes 
your heart, your heart 
understood mine 
found in forbidden nights 
sharp as glass and twice as bright 
ignore the promises we made 
forgotten now, we'll never get our way

The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?) // Snow Patrol

just for a minute
the silver forked sky
lit you up like a star
that I will follow
now it's found us
like I have found you
I don't want to run
just overwhelm me

Calm Me Down // Mother Mother

all my life, oh, all my life
I hurt myself and cut myself
put myself through living hell
all so I could feel what I felt
when you took me in
absolved my sins
with your flesh and skin
use your skin
use your body
use it to put me to sleep