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Wow a Bakara.

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Look at her
There she is
Miss Universe
Twenty-One Eighty Six 

Biotically brimming
Like a nova blast
Better watch out
For she’s coming fast 

Miss Universe has never been so fucking terrifying. ;_;

Banshees are my least favorite enemy everrrrr.

Although now I’m playing ME2, those Scions take a close second. WHY ARE THEY SO HUGE AND BULLETPROOF?

Coming soon to a Synthesis ending near you! 


Mom: [shouts] Reg! Reg, the Reapers are huge!
Mom: What the he—what are those things?!
Mom: Did the Reapers mass-produce Freddie Kruger? Do they have guns on their arms? Who does that?
Mom: Oh, my—Reg! Reg, Anderson stayed behind!
Mom: Anderson, come back!
Reg: [peeks into room several minutes later] You doing okay?
Mom: They killed that kid.
Reg: …this is BioWare, Mom.
Mom: I am going to go to the Citadel. I am going to collect an army. And I am going to ram it up Harbinger’s backside.

Have I mentioned that she scares me? She scares me.

I want to laugh, but mostly I just feel bad for poor Reg’s Mom. She has no idea of the horrors that lie ahead.

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In the control ending, Shepard takes over the reapers and rebuilds mass relays

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‘Daughter am I in my mother’s house,But mistress in my own.’

‘Daughter am I in my mother’s house,
But mistress in my own.’

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A Future for the Krogan

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“There’s no Shepard without Vakarian.”
“There’s no Shepard without Vakarian.”

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“You did good, child. You did good.”

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